Interested in homeopathy?


We are delighted to offer Homeopathy at Ani Medics Veterinary Centre. The aim of homeopathy is to treat each patient as an individual and identify a treatment for their symptoms most accurately. The remedy is highly diluted and therefore not toxic to the patient.

Orlaith O'Neill MVB MRCVS is now in her second year of Study at the Bristol Homeopathic Hospsital. This is a course open to professionals who have an interest in homeopathy and gives them the LF Hom qualification.

We do not believe that homeopathy and conventional medicine should be mutually exclusive. If we can treat the pet as a whole and offer the best of both worlds, why not?

The Homeopathic Consult

This take a little longer than the normal health check that your pet may have. You maybe asked some unusual questions that you may not have hear your vet ask you before. It is very important to give as much detail as possible so that we can try and identify a treatment that is best suited to your pet. You may not go home with the remedy in hand on the day as it takes some time to collate all the information from the consultation and identify what we think is the most suitable remedy for your pet.

We can offer the service at the practice or we can arrange a home visit if that is required.

Please phone us on 01823 240140 if you are interested

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